let me put it another way

October 14, 2006

If you believe there can be no peace until the second coming, and that future war is predestined, and necessary, and there is nothing you can do about it – how can you truly work for peace? How can you put your heart and soul into building a world which is safe for any child – if you believe you are powerless? If you believe that reality is a function of magical forces.  Forced conversion. Inexorable cataclysm.

As for me, I don’t need “experts” to interpret God’s plea made to all of us time and time again: LOVE THY NEIGHBOR…

6 Responses to “let me put it another way”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I am not a christian, but I believe there’s a lot to Christ’s teachings, and that a big honking part of it was not just “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR” but “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF FOR THE LOVE OF ME”. I don’t see any of that “self love” in these actions. If these loons are so nutty for the hereafter-why cut out the middle man, off themselves, and leave the rest of here to rot (a little harsh, I admit)?

  2. qazse Says:

    Not harsh but heart felt.

  3. kimtelas Says:

    I don’t know Ellen, there is a macabre logic to your words! I am sincere here.

    I have a development that started with Christianity yet I always felt fear at Sunday school and was glad to be offered a choice to decide at the age of twelve.

    None the less, I took such lessons from this. At the age of 16, I returned to the Congregational church in Maine and learned there for a spell.

    When I talk with my friend Janie about my struggle with Christianity discomfort, which I recognize as my own struggle with fear induced prejudice, she tells me I am more Christian than many of the Christians she knows. (I find that interesting.)

    The values I took and made into personal values stem from Christianity, Buddhism and Wicca. All together they are my tools for living and remembering to find my way back to love when I get lost in anger, hate, or the struggle.

    I wonder about the Armdegeddon belief.

    What does it provide? What does it serve? Who does it serve?

    What does it allow an individual in their lives if they believe this?

    Does it serve as a reminder to live well? Does it leave room for negotiation of Christ’s message?

    Questions, questions.

    Thank you qazse,


  4. Ellen Says:

    Rereading the sentiment – I probably am atypically harsh there – partially influenced (also) by the family suicide/murders and school shooting murder/suicides as of late. It saddens and angers me that someone would need to destroy others as well as themselves.

    I have a 1/2 finished draft trying to think thru a better descriptive than agnostic for myself. but I got a weird DIY ethical structure (not so much a religion) I’m trying to work thru as well.

  5. kimtelas Says:

    Oh Ellen,

    I bet I have more 1/2 finished drafts than you do!

    Nan na na boo boo. I learned that from an ex-military dude. Go figure.

    I have to keep my reading down cuz it makes me think then I have to start making notes then I have to write then I have to edit and then….



  6. lqz Says:

    It’s simple.
    It doesn’t matter if the world is doomed. A good Christian is still obligated to do the right thing. We were never promised that we would “win” only that if we were faithful we would be rewarded.

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