my children’s hands

November 12, 2006

my children’s hands
will pass me along through time
as I did to them


8 Responses to “my children’s hands”

  1. twitches Says:

    Well, that’s what people hope will happen, anyway. 😉

  2. Jules Says:

    I like the new format!

    As for your poem…I just got back from a funeral. Your words take on a special meaning for me…the nature and cycle of a life and our own continuation through generations.

  3. qazse Says:

    twitches – are you being an optomist again?

    jules –

    Thanks for the encouragement on the format. I am a bit color blind. The background appears to me to be a dark olive/brown, is this so?

    Yes, what will our legacy be? Do we tell enough stories about our family history? I know I don’t do it enough. Perhaps a second stanza or poem could read:

    my children’s hands
    will pass me along through time
    as I did my father

  4. fencer Says:

    I also like your new format.

    This is poignant to me as I am the last of my line, so to speak…


  5. qazse Says:

    fencer, thank you for the feedback re the format. I have one strong criticism of this format: the hideous and unnecessary yellow icon next to the “latest” post. It looks like it should be next to a blueberry pie at the county fair with “best pie” written on it. I wish there were a way to bypass it.

    Regarding your circumstance, do you wish it were otherwise?

  6. fencer Says:

    Yes, I do. It is sad without having had little ones, especially for my wife, but of course there are advantages and disadvantages for how it’s ended up.

    That yellow icon is unnecessary, really, but it’s okay…

  7. fencer Says:

    Whoops… the format is changed again, and I didn’t quite notice… I don’t know, I find it a little dull, but that icon is gone!


  8. qazse Says:

    fencer, thank you for sharing.

    I run into more and more people who have chosen to forgo the child gig. I applaud them. There seems to be great cultural pressure to have children. Too many give birth for no other reason. It is a bad way to start out a relationship.

    My mom was a “good” Catholic who had seven children on a blue collar budget. I am sure if they had less my dad would have lived longer.

    Also, thank you for your honest assessment of this present format. Maybe I’ll give the old-new one another try.


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