leave me alone on Christmas

December 8, 2006

Like in those glass-sided beehives,
the poor and dying press
against the window of my mind.

I cover the glass with candy canes
and santas.



8 Responses to “leave me alone on Christmas”

  1. twitches Says:

    Glass beehives…interesting!

  2. Jules Says:

    I am often guilty of the same…but this morning I had an amazing experience with the clinic I volunteer for. I think I’ll blog about it.

  3. qazse Says:

    hey twitches, did you ever go to a museum or zoo and see the beehive-in-a-window?

    Jules, I look forward to it.

  4. sere Says:

    Very interesting.

  5. elana Says:

    really good i really like it i i said the same thing leave me alone to very good thanks for showing us

  6. qazse Says:

    you are welcome!

  7. paolo Says:

    Good Site .Nice work.

  8. qazse Says:

    thank you paolo!

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