joy us

December 16, 2006

Joy to this tiny world
and joy to its believers,
however so brief

Peace on this day
to all the anxious creatures
who live in dying places

Greetings to the lonely
adrift in holiday bustle –
strangers might look your way

Comfort to we sheep –
riders of a rail-car existence
displaying love through plastic-giving

Pity to the poor,
brighten our suburban experience –
accept canned goods and toys
(then disappear)

Good luck to the Lord
in the manger ignored
like an old man on Christmas Day

5 Responses to “joy us”

  1. zaphodfreek Says:

    I think this is a really good christmas poem.
    It’s not one sided.

    And I quite enjoy the name.
    It’s like my poem ‘worry some’.
    What’s that called?

  2. davidbdale Says:

    Ouch, qazse, nobody escapes from that one! That painful truth about wanting the poor to disappear really hurts.

  3. qazse Says:

    Worry Some by zaphodfreek

    I am Lord of the Tempest.
    I am harrow hawk turner. Toil maker.
    Redemption to the wild.
    I control the winds.

    With my wispy fingers I will
    rush you awake.

    My roar shall not go unnoticed.
    You will make haste
    and take note.

    I will break your glass.
    I will tear your bonds.
    I will spurn your light and set you into darkness.

    Blow away.
    Blow away.

    qazse loves it

    What would Christmas be without the poor and destitute to sharpen our yuletide glee?

    Thank you both.

  4. zaphodfreek Says:

    Thank you.
    Is the first time I have been quoted.

    As always, much admiration.

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