Missing Him

December 21, 2006

Let’s work backwards:

First, I will miss him just sitting in his chair
content to smile as if he had no needs –
connected by spirit, happy to be.

I will miss the shuffle of his brave feet
planting the walker ahead like an ice axe;
climbing mountains we could not see.

I will miss him presiding above the fondue
a sorcerer in the candle light,
stirring up batches of yuletide glee.

I will miss him saying grace at the helm
from which he would love, work, and lead
a life of no regret – a life of family.

This is a re-post of a poem I wrote last Christmas about my father in law who had just passed away that October. A poem about the night he died is here:The night Joe left

15 Responses to “Missing Him”

  1. bloglily Says:

    the walker…like an ice axe.

    This is a marvelous poem.

  2. deb Says:

    I, too, liked “planting the walker ahead like an ice axe;/climbing mountains we could never see.”

    Wonderful image of fragile age and a task that takes enormous strength and courage.

    Thank you~

  3. qazse Says:

    BL and deb,

    Thank you. I was also with him the night he died.
    I wrote a poem about that experience as well. If you would care to read it: The night Joe left

  4. Bice Says:

    Just a beautiful piece qazse. Exquisite!

  5. qazse Says:

    thank you Bice! He worked for Kraft Foods his whole life. His wife stayed at home to raise a family of five. In his later years he could barely see hear or taste. When he quit barbershoppers I knew he had lost his zest for life. But when his family gathered he was like a happy man on the beach soaking up the sun.

  6. fencer Says:

    Add my voice to the chorus: great poem…


  7. tomachfive Says:

    Sorry for your losing the company of a Great and good man. All wizened men are sorcerers in their own right.

  8. writerchick Says:

    what a lovely tribute to a life well-lived. bravo.

  9. qazse Says:

    fencer, tomachfive, and winterchick (sounds like a law firm) Thank you for the warm support.

    PS – I know why fencer is fencer (he fences); but I am curious about the other names…

  10. writerchick Says:

    I am a writer and a woman – hence writer chick. actually it started out as a joke and when i started blogging it just sort of stuck.

  11. qazse Says:

    makes perfect sense

  12. tomachfive Says:

    My real first name is Tom. I love that song from the Presidents of the United States, “Mach Five”. Putting them together, I found it having a sort of a good ring to it.

  13. qazse Says:

    I will have to listen to that song. Thanks!

  14. slynne Says:

    This poem is beautiful. Thank you

  15. kimtelas Says:

    Dear qasze,

    Thank you so much for posting this.

    My Great Aunt Theonella died years ago and I so miss her still. She is inside me. You have catalyzed my recognizing I need to write a poem!

    Thank you!!


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