If you want to love Jesus

December 22, 2006

He looks like this:

street beggar.jpgstreetgirl.jpghomeless.jpgstarvingbaby150.jpg

Not this:

jesus-pastor.jpgjesus 6.jpgjesus 5.jpgjesus4.jpgjesus2.jpg

13 Responses to “If you want to love Jesus”

  1. qazse Says:

    this is a repost from April.
    I apologize for not having the credits of the photographers.

  2. qazse Says:

    and likewise to you Shirley.

  3. twitches Says:

    Most people don’t want to love Jesus, they want Jesus to love them.

  4. qazse Says:

    very insightful

  5. i am not one of those who knows the bible inside and out – but i do recall something about jesus being made in man’s image. perhaps the artists took that to heart and postulated what jesus looked like.

    in my mind i see him as a blue and pure light, not as a man. because truly isn’t it the spirit not the shell the spirit is encased in, who we really see?

    i hope so.

    merry christmas.

  6. qazse Says:

    hi Sarah,

    I agree with all you say. In this post I am trying to address the cult of personality which has grown around the person/spirit Jesus. We “worship” and “adore” a hunky Jesus rather than go out and do what Jesus begs us to do: love one another.

    have a Merry Christmas also!

  7. Bice Says:

    I couldn’t agree with this sentiment more if I’d wrote it myself. Well said Qazse. Well said indeed.

    Although I have to admit I like buddy jesus.

    I see you need to update me in your blogroll since I’m not writing poetry any longer and my link has changed.

    Have a great holiday weekend Sir. I’m glad we’ve reconnected again.

  8. qazse Says:

    thank you

    I’m w/ you on buddy jesus


    you too!

    me too!

    happy trails Bicemeister

  9. It has been fun getting to know you this year. Wishing you a happy holiday and a peaceful new year!

  10. qazse Says:

    The feeling is mutual.

    Happy holidays!

  11. howard Says:

    hey qazse,

    I tried to leave a comment on this one the other day, but I guess it never showed up, so let me summarize: great point with this post. imagine if all the people who claimed to be Christians (I’m one of them) acted accordingly.

    hope your holidays are going very well.

  12. qazse Says:

    hey howard,

    (probably homeland security or that putin guy.)

    And you make a great point as well. I was raised a Christian (Catholic).

    and here’s hoping we find 2007 a festive year!

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