Did you get your PlayStation3 yet?

December 23, 2006


Photo by Mike Wells – Uganda (1980)

5 Responses to “Did you get your PlayStation3 yet?”

  1. Bice Says:

    Very effective values message qazse. I love where you’re taking your site these days.

    There is nothing wrong with Haiku but I think you are finding (as I have on my site) that sometimes we have more to say than 17 syllables allow room for.

  2. qazse Says:

    thanks Bice,
    Here is a tanka dedicated to you:

    What if Abraham Lincoln only did haiku

    Four score and seven
    years ago our fathers brought
    forth on this cont
    (end of Gettysburg address)
    (everyone soon forgets)

  3. Bice Says:

    Big Grin… Precisely!

  4. No, but I did just get a PS2.

    Is that a real arm? Gah.

  5. qazse Says:

    yes, unbelievably so…

    hey, thanks for stopping by.

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