the moon! is your logo…not McDonald’s

December 26, 2006


there is no place
quite like the other

each valley
each plain
each mountain
each plateau

with its own
land forms
life forms
and light

encased in a shared
halo of air


we are binding this earth in asphalt.

and branding
we block the night sky
with our signs.

we look
like fire


11 Responses to “the moon! is your logo…not McDonald’s”

  1. fencer Says:

    Gives a wider, objective angle on things… I like that last line/stanza!


  2. Bice Says:

    > binding this earth in asphalt.

    Great line and image! Sadly true as well.

  3. qazse Says:

    Thanks fencer and bice. I am fascinated by the night time views of earth. (This particular view did not post up as well as I would have liked.) They tell you a lot about man on earth. The whole asphalt thing is only going to get worse as more of the third world gains access to affordable autos and the american lifestyle continues to be idolized. And where road are laid, well lighted schlock follows…

    All that light! Most of it from coal means tons of acrid effluent spewing into the OUR air each day. And for what? To illuminate plastic muffler, fast food, and gas signs. Its worth the cost of more acid rain and asthma medication,I am sure.

  4. twitches Says:

    Love binding the earth in asphalt. Awesome.

  5. davidbdale Says:

    I think we look like a constellation shaped like the things we’ve built.

  6. qazse Says:

    twitches, it is a special forbidden kind of love called…dare I say it?…it’s called asphalt love.

    david, that is a neat take on it
    what could we call it?
    O’Reagan’s Belt?
    the big oil dripper?

  7. davidbdale Says:

    Maybe just The Beltway

  8. tomachfive Says:

    Your introspective-psychoanalytical (in my opinion) multimedia is fascinating, The Mode of postmodern. I dare say, uniquely Qazsean. A longing for primitivism yet resigned in its futurism. I envy your ability to see the Earth from Above.

  9. deb Says:

    I like the imagery in your poem. “Binding” is such a complicated word and just right here, I think. As is “signs”. (Good music and tempo, too.)

    Help me with your title, “The moon! is your logo”. I like the sound of it, is there something more I am missing?

    (Have you written yet about most of the folks on the planet now inhabiting cities rather than rural environs? An astounding fact in our world’s history. The night-light is a great visualizaiton of that–and is my computer’s screen image.)


  10. qazse Says:

    david, yes, the beltway would be an excellent choice.
    On the map you can begin to see the major travel corridors. I can see I-81 moving diagonally down from mid PA into the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and down into Tennessee.

    tomachfive, wow, I really don’t know how to respond gracefully to your comment other than to shout “I Love You!”

    deb, thank you! Regarding the title, it is a dopeslap like “hey what is the matter with you…you block out the moon with your signs and logos when in actuality the only logo you really need is up there in the night sky.”

    I have not, why not give it a go yourself. It is a great idea.

    I think it is cool that you have the image on your screen. There is a dark area in the middle of Pennsylvania. I live just southeast of it. Because the area is both elevated and remote, it has one of the darkest skies on the east coast.

  11. qazse Says:


    with big shovels
    dump trucks and graders,
    we cinch in the earth

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