concrete god

December 26, 2006

Is God not concrete
enough for you?

Do you need more
than knowing?

Do you need
tricks and promises?
experts and channellers?
pomp and ceremony?

the fear of hell?


9 Responses to “concrete god”

  1. Bice Says:

    The fear of hell works for me… This is #59 on my list of 100 things about me.

    He might exist but we haven’t met in years. Are you a believer?

  2. qazse Says:

    but without much specificity – in a linear sense.

  3. Bice Says:

    I envy you, really. I miss having something/someone to believe in bigger than myself.

  4. twitches Says:

    I believe in God, but not heaven or hell. Does that make sense?

  5. slynne Says:

    Hey there. I haven’t been by in a while, and I am so glad I stopped in this morning. This poem is facinatingly good, especially as I usually don’t enjoy question poems. I love it when someone proves me wrong! thanks, slynne

  6. Jules Says:

    At points in my life it’s been even less than knowing, it’s been hoping and believing in former knowledge.

    Perhaps humankind’s fear and disbelief of being unconditionally loved by such a God leads us to need something more concrete…

  7. qazse Says:

    Bice, sounds like you believed something at some point in the past.

    Twitches, hell no

    Slynne, hey there to you too! glad you like it…

    Jules, I agree. I also think the more concrete the more likely humans can manipulate the situation and claim special powers and lead people (including themselves) away from the spiritual. Some ritual and objects may be helpful in certain ways but are surely not the main focus of spiritual life.

  8. Bice Says:

    Many, many years ago I was once like you, a believer. Long story for a different day.

  9. qazse Says:

    Bice, thanks for responding, sounds interesting to me…on another day…

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