I think

December 29, 2006

I am no better
or worse
than others.

I do not pretend
special powers
or treasures
to inform you.

I can only tell you
what I think,

not what to think.

6 Responses to “I think”

  1. tomachfive Says:

    And what you have thought
    Are the seeds that grow in the gardens of Contemplation
    Watered by electronic ink and
    By the minerals whose
    Molecular bonds are
    Formed by structuralist measures of your
    Punctuated with
    George Double Yeah Bush
    Emaciated beggars and
    Snow capped mountains
    Thank you
    For making
    Right on
    Write on.

  2. fencer Says:

    Hey qasze and tomachfive,

    Great call and response!

    Happy New Year…


  3. twitches Says:

    “I can only tell you
    what I think,

    not what to think.”

    Well, that’s just un-Americun.

  4. qazse Says:

    tomachfive, and thank you! I am flattered.

    fencer, he is good isn’t he… and a happy to you.

    twitches, yes, I can only tell you what to think, not what I think, sounds like a fundamentalist mantra…

    I want to thank all three of you for stopping by throughout this past year. I am very blessed to have this bond with you talented and good people.

    PS I am East of all of you and therefore have more experience with 2007 than each of you. I just want to let you know, so far so good…

  5. Wayne Says:

    I’ll join your club any day!
    Well said.

    • qazse Says:

      Wayne, thanks for stopping by. Welcome to the club!

      (Whenever I run across this poem, I have an itch to tweak it in some way or another. But I fear it will wind up like Michael Jackson’s face.)



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