To have no care of wrong or right – a villanelle

January 7, 2007


To have no care of wrong or right
have no thoughts but decree,
soar and see as a hawk in flight.

Fly from dark into light
hold no sense of history
to have no care of wrong or right.

Wire your brain to plumes that fright,
know only what you need to be;
soar and see as a hawk in flight.

See the red as black and white,
kill then eat the flesh, be free
to have no care of wrong or right.

Practice not duty nor requite.
Call hemic cries of victory.
Soar and see as a hawk in flight.

Have no pretense but your might
Take no knowledge from the tree.
To have no care of wrong or right,
soar and see as a hawk in flight.

photo by J. Ellen Cotton

9 Responses to “To have no care of wrong or right – a villanelle”

  1. Bice Says:

    To have no care of wrong or right would be for the birds.

  2. What good are men, when the good men do nothing?

  3. slynne Says:

    good use of form to drive a point homw poetically…

  4. powerful photo and words

  5. qazse Says:

    z-freek & Bice: sounds like the new Sigfried and Roy – keep your eye on the big cats – especially if you are a bird.

    knighthospitaller – thank you for stopping by. I totally agree. Where you and I may differ is in strategy. I believe we should have focused on Afghanistan and done it properly: clear, hold and build in earnest. To fight a war on a second front with so few troops, so far from home was foolhardy. For the Democrats to have rolled onto their backs and allowed him to do it (a second front) was a dereliction of duty (good men doing nothing). Meanwhile, the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating. Hope to hear from you again!

    slynne, and Ascender – thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

  6. You are absolutely right about the second front, looking at it in retrospect… You have to keep in mind the situation at the time this was happening. We attempted to avoid a hostile country from getting weapons that could threaten us, but ironically, in doing so, we opened the flood gates for countries like Iran, and North Korea.
    The US is perfectly capable of fighting a muilty-front war, we have done it before, and won. The problem is this is not a war of strength, it is a war of deception and pacience, both of which the terrorists have an advantage.

  7. qazse Says:

    The U.N. was ready to triple the number of observers/investigators into Iran – and Saddam was willing to accept this. Iraq was essentially neutered. There was no reason for us to go in.

    By doing so we:
    1. exposed our military vulnerabilities
    2. created greater hostility toward our country
    3. lost precious time and resources (300+ billion, four years)in establishing a coherent and well managed counter terrorist effort worldwide.
    4. increased the defensiveness of others in the region and elsewhere occasioning them to reconfirm themselves to nuclear deterrence. (wouldn’t you?)
    5. robbed Afghanistan of the focus and support necessary to complete objectives their.
    6. threw a large country with a vulnerable populous into chaos; unleashed looting, killing, revenge, torture, rape, mass killings, and mayhem which will reverberate through these people for hundreds of years…
    7. I can go on but you get the way I see it.

    As far as the U.S. fighting a war on two fronts, it took the total resolve of a whole nation to do so against the Japan and Germany and we did not go it alone like some naive gunslinger with his diminutive sidekick. If it wasn’t for Hitler’s irrational decision to invade Russia and the Russian Army’s counter offensive, Hitler might have prevailed.

    Further compounding everything is the lack of an assertive commitment to diplomacy. This President shows contempt for dialogue. He came out trash talking like some fraternity bum who didn’t understand squat about history or human relations.

    I am also concerned about his belief in Armageddon. It seems to me, if you accept this as a matter of faith and as inexorable – how can you also believe in humanity’s ability to establish a lasting peace?

    I am even angrier with the democrats who calculated that supporting the president was the politically savvy thing to do and betrayed the American people by not forcing greater dialogue and scrutiny of this foolhardy endeavor.

    ( Just as I was angry with the Republicans for playing politics with the Clinton /Lewinsky affair. The government and country became obsessed with this seedy sideshow instead of recognizing the developing global threat of terrorism. During those critical months, I heard the term “oral sex” ten thousand times and “AlQueeda” maybe five.)

    Regarding the future, I will look to the past. When asked what he thought the most critical factor in the fall of communism was – Regan said it was deciding to start talking with Gorbachev.

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