these are the heroes we offer

January 16, 2007



9 Responses to “these are the heroes we offer”

  1. Bice Says:

    Two rich white chicks.

  2. fencer Says:

    Well, I’m inspired…

  3. qazse Says:

    Bice – that is funny, brought tears to my eyes.

    fencer – you probably had neighbors like this growing up in the mountains.

  4. mikaelah Says:

    when I need a good laugh, count on bice and qazse! thank you.

  5. Adagio Says:

    Heroes for the ones who lose themselves in entertainment that does not challenge the mind. Heroes for those who stop all time to catch the latest episode and/or gossip newsflash. Heroes for those caught in the eye of the pop culture storm; wearing the latest fashion to parade for the supercilious.

    I elect not to participate; hence my semi-anti-socialism. Why? Conversations begin with…”Did you see that latest episode of…”; “What do you think about Brad Pitt and….”; “So, do you think that Tom Cruise is…”

    My response is…”I do not watch television.” And their response is…”You do not have television? That’s weird. What do you do for entertainment?” My response; “I read, write, meditate, communicate, visit the museum, attend the theater, rummage through the bookstore, exercise, meet people and discuss philosophy, sociology, politics, science and whatever else may strike my fancy.”


  6. Naughty Heather Says:

    We should be ashamed, yet they are such the trainwreck I cannot look away.

    Damn them!

  7. qazse Says:

    mikaelah – I am glad you find some of my stuff humorous. I think helping each other to laugh is a civic duty.

    Adagio, I love the fire.

    I believe it is all about the socialization of humans into predictable consumers. It keeps the status quo finely tuned. From an adaptive point of view it is efficient. This all happens in a subconscious manner?

    Naughty – (I must tell you, that is like addressing one of Disney’s seven fantasy dwarfs.) I think the train wreck observation is a cool take on it.

  8. Adagio Says:

    Qazse…here’s a letter I wrote regarding Capitalism

  9. qazse Says:

    Adagio, thank you, it is a remarkable essay on culture, capitalism, and Adagio. Concise and emphatic – full of perspective.

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