January 28, 2007


there are
no soldiers
we have all
died in


picture credit

12 Responses to “until”

  1. Adagio Says:

    “The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking…the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker.” – Albert Einstein

  2. howard Says:

    I find it sadly ironic that the folks most gung ho about destruction are often those least intimately involved with its implementation.

    While on the other side, so many who know more about these destructive ways and means have actively cautioned against them. (Cases in point: the physicists that started the countdown to midnight and the generals who have publicly criticized military policies set by those who never served.)

  3. tomachfive Says:

    I think that the time of geniune soldierless peace on Earth will come. If literature could bring war, then it could bring lasting peace. Optimism helps.

  4. krkbaker Says:

    You said a lot with a few words; the pic really adds to it’s power. Like a suckerpunch. I enjoyed it.

  5. qazse Says:

    Adagio – thank you for reminding us of this startling quote by the the big E. Can you imagine how this must have churned within his personal universe?

    howard – yes, it reminds me of going to a hockey game. All these white collar families screaming for the blood of others to be drawn…

    t5 – “If literature could bring war, then it could bring lasting peace. Optimism helps.” I believe you are right – if we could only find a way for peace to be more profitable than war to those in power. PS I like the new pic

    krkbaker, sucker punch! I like that.

    to all – thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  6. lifewords Says:

    Wonderful. Really, really wonderful.

  7. mikaelah Says:

    I like the teardrop the words form

  8. Naughty Heather Says:

    Very nice. I absolutely love it.

  9. Emily Says:

    Wow! The power of sparse words. Great poem.

  10. qazse Says:


    lifewords – thank you. I appreciate your positive reaction.

    mikaelah – I like the teardrop comparison – it works in many ways…

    Heather – thank you, the whole quagmire of some “dying in vain” has been an issue I have wrestled with for many years.

    Emily – this is actually a paring down of a previously posted poem called soldier

  11. the most underrealized issue of them all; wishing there were more eyes open to this issue

  12. qazse Says:

    Ascender – I agree. BTW if you ever have a pic which you think would be apropos to one of my poems (on qazse or twisp), feel free to suggest it to me. I would be honored to feature it and link to you. (I love your work). The reason why I mention this is, your comment got me thinking about how one might graphically portray the above concept.

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