Corporate Chowder

February 2, 2007


dam up the Grand Canyon

let it fill

with industrial waste

boil in sun

top with men in suits


Photo by:Thomas Greutmann

8 Responses to “Corporate Chowder”

  1. Hi qazse, I have tagged you for 6 weird things about you. Please visit me and find out the rules. Please play if you can but if you can’t that is ok too…

  2. fencer Says:

    Hi qazse,

    Sounds like a delightful dish… and perhaps sprinkle with porn stars. (Comes to mind due to our local major telecommunications giant just insisting it’s part of their business model to sell pornography…)


  3. Adagio Says:

    Mmmm…corporate stew…LOL!!!

  4. birdsword Says:

    I got a great visual on this poem! Thanks.

  5. qazse Says:

    Ascender – I would be happy to. Is there a time frame?

    fencer – this whole pornography thing is sad. I don’t mind if it is kept behind a firewall but there is no will to do so. We are all desensitized to its insidious presence and support its culture by elevating sluts and sociopaths to the status of heroes. The cult of personality drives the commerce of crap. It is what we shape our children to respond to. That and violence-heroes…I could go on and on. It is something I feel strongly about because it keeps our culture at the level of Animal House (a great movie but not a great blueprint for life). We need to get beyond this stage as a society. There are myriad woman out there who deserve to be in the spotlight but are ignored because they do research instead of Dallas, they wear lab coats instead of implants…oh I could go on and on…because it drags down our children for profits sake…I’ll stop. What do you think? What do others think?

    Adagio – I am thrilled to give you a chuckle. Yes, corporate stew indeed! Topped with corporate croûtons!

    Roberta – I am glad the visual was conveyed. I have been playing with the concept for a couple years and finally decided to go with a simple version when I initially posted it in July. It is gratifying to get positive feedback.


  6. fencer Says:

    Hi qazse,

    I agree with you. The populace is kept dumbed down with a steady diet of the superficial and irrelevant, because it sells better.

    I’m not a prude about pornography, I don’t think… but the industry is part of the same way of life as prostitution and victimizes women and kids on a large scale for profit. Our friendly telecom is supporting that, and is willing to become a kind of pimp, not that there’s anything wrong with that…


  7. qazse Says:

    telecoms pimp (I love the analogy) – perhaps a future post from the Northwest.

    Your qualifier, “I’m not a prude…” is common among those of us who question today’s pop culture. When I say that,I am implying my objection comes from a perspective other than blind prohibition. I assume you mean likewise.

    I believe our connection with nature is naturally pervasive and that pornography etc is, in part, repressed sexuality ( due the struggle for control of libido by a sensate being who is capable of copulation 24/7 ). It is the sacrifice we make for civilization. I believe it is the spiritual at work in this world. Civility is religion -but religion is not necessarily civility.

    I believe that in order for us to advance and evolve we need to lessen our incessant preoccupation with sex and violence. Trying to “control” the libido insures inexorable conflict. Like that film with Robert Mitchum where the guy has “good” tattooed on his right hand and “evil” on his left”. Guess who wins out. I am convinced a different approach is needed. One which is transcendent.

    I believe adult content needs to be separate from children’s content. Hollywood has become famous for slipping adult content into children’s venues. Also television: when my son was eleven we sat down on a Saturday afternoon to watch the Little League World Series. It was on the local FOX affiliate. In between one inning I got up to do something in another part of our family room. In the meantime the drone of commercials started and when I turned I saw a picture of a bare breasted woman running around a motel room. She had the electrical tape-like censoring across some of her breastage. Next, she is shoving something down her throat but I could not tell what because the electrical tape had now turned vertical. It was a trailer for Howard Stern’s movie Private Parts.

    I own the rights to the domain name ChildSafe which I hope to develop some day if I could get the funding. It would serve as a resource site for parents and act as an easy conduit to corporations who might appreciate some feedback from parents. It would address violence, pornography, health, parenting skills, resources, content reviews, recommendations, easy access to feedback loops, message boards, etc. An endeavor which would require a team of people.

    gotta go… and if we don’t talk again before tomorrow, here is wishing you and yours a joyous and blessed Superbowl Sunday.

  8. fencer Says:

    Yes, everything in its place… especially not barraging children with adult sexuality and pornography. The dishonesty of the way it’s presented is not even good for adults.

    Hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl!


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