pretzel arm

February 21, 2007

I am one of those people who love to sweat. Whether running full stride on a warm evening or playing pick-up basketball in the steamy sun, it all seems very cleansing to me.

When I was young, I remember playing with friends, cousins, and siblings long after dark. We would play hide and seek, flashlight tag, and spy. Dirt rings formed around our necks and became badges of festive accomplishment – Doctor of Fun. We went indoors only when enticed by ice cream or threatened with the loss of privilege.

Upon entering the house, a ghostly light in the living room would reveal a gaggle of younger children already lying on the floor facing the television. Their bowls of ice cream sat protected in front of each of them. Quickly we’d run into the kitchen for our share and then peck our way onto the rug which had now become a beach.

As my body cooled, salt formed on the skin. I could lick my forearm like a big pretzel. It seemed a shame to take a bath and wash it all off.

9 Responses to “pretzel arm”

  1. ashli Says:

    that’s awesome. the dirt rings are the best. how many of those do you see now days? it’s mostly a ghostly dazed stare of too much tv or video games.

  2. slynne Says:

    Oh, I love this. When I started running again a few years ago, the sweat dripping into my eyes would make me think about this.

  3. fencer Says:

    Hi qazse,

    This is wonderful, great imagery, a prose poem… This form is quite different for you, no?


  4. bullish1974 Says:

    i love salt. no, really.

  5. Bice Says:

    What a great journey back to our collective childhood you provided here.

    BTW, I’m back.

  6. qazse Says:

    ashli, kids are buying fake sweat rings to fool their parents! They are made in China.

    slynne, I am glad you got back to running. Nothing like it but easy to slip away from… (please stay off the concrete)

    fencer, yes, I am seeing what kind of reaction I get. Thanks for the encouragement.

    bullish1974, so do the manufacturers of blood pressure meds.

    twitches, I’ll take that as a complement!

    Bice, …one thousand nine, one thousand ten, here I come readdy or not! Welcome back.

    thank you all…

  7. ...deb Says:

    What a great story. Evocative and suprising, yet fondly recalling something we all probably did at one time or another and forgot. (Sorry to respond so late, but I liked this so much I had to tell you!.)

  8. qazse Says:

    deb, thank you! You never have to apologize for being “late”. I actually owe you an apology for not stopping by your blog lately. I need to visit my blogrollers more often. It seems when I do find time to blog I am compelled to post rather than read. (many,if not most, bloggers probably feel the same way.)

    thanks again

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