the art of following

February 28, 2007

All that is required –
blind obedience
to keepers of the “truth”.

( Not to truth –
but to its “keepers”. )

6 Responses to “the art of following”

  1. Phil Says:

    Not to truth –
    but to its “keepers”.

    well put

  2. qazse Says:

    thank you Phil

  3. howard Says:

    It seems all of the great institutions of “truth” promote the idea that only certain people are capable of discerning what the truth is.

  4. qazse Says:

    howard – I think you hit the nail dead-on. When channel surfing I sometimes stop to listen and look at these expert preachers…there is this one guy who covers two or three large dry erase boards with ancient language which he constantly points to while his audience sits there thinking “holy sh*t, this guy is sooooo smart – he must know what he is talking about”. Later his tall pretty daughter comes out and does the same schtick and then sings quite poorly to her adoring audience. To me it is all the cult of personality.

  5. Bice Says:

    one word – Amen!

  6. qazse Says:

    because we wrestle

    your bice amen
    your agnostic amen
    speaks more of God
    then a million amens
    from charlatans

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