perhaps 4 (rev)

March 10, 2007


we are spiritual guests
on this earth
and should not join in
the killing cycle.

10 Responses to “perhaps 4 (rev)”

  1. awww very sad photo with some stunning words

  2. mikaelah Says:

    so how does one on this planet eat? We also have bodies that cannot survive on air although that may not be entirely true. I have never tested it myself, but my son eats very very little and mostly veggies. Perhaps he is onto something. Seeing veggies hung on a line would not be so distressing.

  3. hakkani7 Says:



    How are you? Been away for a while, – Hope you are well by the Grace of the Almighty. I like the theme you started with in this, – Killing for sport is reprehensible and shameful. I disagree that the principle for killing animals for consumption opposes our spirituality. However gluttony and excess of all things, which may be nutritional, harms the spirit as well as the body, as our Holy Prophet advised. He, however, spent the majority of his life fasting and living on dates(fruit of the date-palm tree) and water, even when the rule and wealth was given to him, for exactly the opposite purposes – to separate the ego from the spirit, and bridge closeness with the creator of that spirit. The thought of that fills me with contempt for the insatiable ‘hunger’ inside us for the irrelevant and unnecessary. May we all come closer to realizing the purpose for our creation.

  4. Bice Says:

    I’m a carnivore, sorry.

  5. twitches Says:

    To me the real story of this poem is in the tags.

  6. howard Says:

    As hakkani7 stated, I’m a big believer in moderation, and certainly not in killing for sport (or philosophical dominance, for that matter).

    And the tags, as usual, speak volumes.

    Nice piece.


  7. Jules Says:

    I agree with Twitches…not so much about not eating meat and killing animals, but in being part of continuing the killing of the human race. Although, the hanging chickens does make me think twice before partaking of my dinner.

  8. qazse Says:

    thank you everyone for the comments and discussion. When I originally posted this I intended to use a picture of dead people. When I came across the pic of chickens I was compelled to use it even though it added a whole new layer of meaning and complexity into the mix.

    Regarding the food aspect of this discussion: I believe meat was our first food as earth creatures. It was natural to do. Now, there is no need for meat in most societies. Grains and legumes can provide protein more efficiently and cleanly. Meat eating is something we ought to transcend. However, the culture of meat is ingrained in our psyche and we therefore cling to the notion of meat eating as wondrous. (Awww…little Johnnie’s first McNuggets…isn’t that just precious.)

    Regarding the broader notion of us as spiritual guests, I think it is a worthwhile possibility to consider. That aspect of our being which allows us to make conscious change based on conceptualization rather than genetic expedience is thoroughly unprecedented and what I consider spiritual.

    When I think of how blessed I am to have intelligent, articulate, and caring readers such as you all, I am saddened to think any one of you might be eaten.

    Peace and thank you!

    PS: I am not a total vegetarian, but I am moving toward it.

  9. Jules Says:

    A Buddhist chef I met shared her thoughts on meat and it really struck a chord with me. She said every creature has the same value. An entire village could be fed as a result of the death of one cow, whereas it would take 50 fish to accomplish the same task. Kill one thing or 50?

  10. tomachfive Says:

    Profound and striking. Well executed.

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