the Iraq war is like a home invasion

March 28, 2007

we killed the mother and father.
we trashed the home.

now – we insist their nine year old
run the show. fight the bad guys.

be like ninja turtles.

9 Responses to “the Iraq war is like a home invasion”

  1. I think that is a gross simplification. We removed a criminal from the home, but in the process wreaked the house. This is exactaly why we have to stay there until it is clean…

  2. qazse Says:

    I agree we should stay. We destabilized this enormous country and now the very U.S. politicians who rolled over dead for Bush and condoned his invasion now say they have a “mandate” to begin withdrawal. I don’t think the American people want to leave the vulnerable citizens of Iraq helpless and hopeless. I believe it is our moral obligation to stay as long as needed. We let it get this far.

    I think the voters were asking for better management and a more adaptive approach to solving our foreign relations issues. The gunslinger approach is not the way.

    As for the poem: I think the analogy is valid in many respects. The Iraqi Government is that nine year old who everyone seems to want to use as their scapegoat.

    Hey knighthospitaller, good to here from you again. Best regards.

  3. I agree that we need a new approach to solving our foreign policy, I just find it unjustified that people blame the administration like it was all part of the plan. Looking back before the days before the invasion the government had the unwavering support of the people, now they have turned on the president saying the he manipulated them.

    Always fun to discuss these issues with you qazse. Best wishes,


  4. tomachfive Says:


    I always believed, “It is not it is begun, it is how it is ended.” The Iraq situation must ameliorated rather than abandoned.



  5. qazse Says:

    Tom – thanks for the read and comment. Looks like the three of us agree on that. So far, not a mandate for immediate withdrawal here.

    What do other readers think?

  6. TheFirm Says:

    I think situations like this are amazingly complicated, and I doubt that any single person sees the whole reality of the situation, or even a significant part of it. That doesn’t mean we should just fold our hands and do nothing, but it should give each of us cause to stop and think about the far-reaching implications of our actions.

  7. qazse Says:

    “I doubt that any single person sees the whole reality of the situation, or even a significant part of it.”

    I agree, for getting it right in the long run: a checked and balanced democracy is better than a “do this or else” pseudo democracy/monarchy. In other words, “two heads are better than one”.

  8. howard Says:

    qazse – I’m finding this fascinating, in that, I wasn’t sure from the poem what course you were embracing.

    I have a lot of anti-war friends, and I am fairly liberal myself, but I’ve always chafed at the idea that we should abandon Iraq. Which isn’t to say we should necessarily go in whole hog and send half a million troops.

    We broke it; we need to do as much as possible to fix it. To me, that negates the legitimacy of categorical troop withdrawal mandates. But there’s a balance, in that the situation may, at some point, benefit from us not being there, even if it doesn’t progress as we hope it will.

  9. qazse Says:

    I think many who want a definitive and imminent withdrawal are applying Vietnam reasoning to a very different equation.

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