holding on, letting go

April 4, 2007

when my anger changes
everything changes

5 Responses to “holding on, letting go”

  1. Bice Says:

    Eloquent and accurate.

  2. fencer Says:

    That’s a lot of insight in two lines!


  3. qazse Says:

    Bice and fencer, thanks for your positive comments (I bet you didn’t want to tick me off).

    It is my experience that anger seems to alter my biochemistrty and permeates all aspects of my physical being from energy, to mood, to thought, to behavior. It affects my interactions with others and the world at large. Anger can plow us into a rut and become self perpetuating. It seems to me the road to peace goes through anger.


  4. Jules Says:

    Qazse – “It seems to me the road to peace goes through anger.” Very insightful. Do we always have to drive through the anger to get to peace because we are imperfect creatures, or is there a bypass? I can see that to attain peace in the world we need to get angry to make change happen. I never really considered anger on the way to inner peace…you’ve got me thinking.

    Peace to you

  5. qazse Says:

    Jules – What I mean by that statement is, we cannot arrive at peace without dealing with our anger. That would have been a better (more succinct)way of putting it.

    When I look at conflict between countries there seems to be underlying hostility and fear fueling the surface “issues”.

    The relationship between fear and anger seems to be a complex and dynamic one. I am not sure how it all fits together, but fear always seems to be lurking around anger. For example, if I am angry with my child for being late, some of that negative energy comes from my fear he will be chronically late into the future and fail at college and/or employment…it is irrational but operative nonetheless.

    peace to you too!

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