Lucky You!

May 3, 2007



good looking kids
private schools

nice teeth
expensive toys

dog camp
golf camp
(no boot camp)

lawn service
pool service
security service

country club

do lunch a lot

Lucky you!

you deserve

more than
others deserve
to eat.

13 Responses to “Lucky You!”

  1. qazse Says:

    I posted this one year ago today.


    I say it all the time

    “And people are starving….”

  3. qazse Says:



    I don’t mean to just pick on the wealthy. However, it is they who provide the greatest disparity between the haves and the have not’s.
    And they are usually the ones most invested in the “consume anything we import or provide” status quo.

    I think we are all part of the solution. We need to be mindful of how we over pamper ourselves; make a greater effort to increase our giving. We can also support proactive measures such as birth control education. It seems that few want to admit the problem is OVER-POPULATION.

    Keep up the “And people are starving….” comments!

  4. Heather Says:

    Sometimes I think because I work in non-profit I am part of the solution…but too often I find myself shaking my head and doing little else.

  5. Pauline Says:

    If only the haves would read this and respond to it with as much fervor as we have-nots! You should use this as guerilla poetry!

  6. qazse Says:

    Heather, I admire your honesty. Working in human services can be draining and it is easy for us all to rationalize that our contribution at work is enough. I know I am prone to thinking, “what a big pay cut I have taken for the past thirty years – I could have made ten times more”! Yeah, right…poor me, doing what I chose to do… I am the one rewarded beyond any monetary remuneration.

  7. qazse Says:

    Pauline, I love the idea. Do you mean like making copies and putting them on windshields?

  8. mikaelahs Says:

    do you recall the bible passage … to those that have, more will be given? It seems very true.

  9. qazse Says:

    is more responsibility given?

  10. Adagio Says:

    “The shadow of greed is upon those who want instead of need; those things that they want the least they may share a little for the sake of recognition for doing so. Interesting how one may see a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end; however another may see the rainbow for the beauty it transcends.” – Adagio

  11. mikaelahs Says:

    more responsibility does not seem to be part of the equation. I am very interested in all of this – especially the part of how it keeps us separate as a people. The haves versus the have nots. it seems to me that when you get a gift be it money or something else … fully taking it in is all that is required but that is not something we learn how to do- truly recieve and be grateful for what is given…if we don’t do that step it seems that we feel impoverished and hungry for more…if it is taken in and recieved… then it is not needed anymore and can be given to someone else. I wonder if people with lots of money really take it in and recieve it and realize what a gift it is. If they could … it is such a good feeling … that the natural response is to share it. So, you ask such wonderful questions and then I have more questions… money does not seem to be the problem and yet…

  12. qazse Says:


    I love the notion of taking the gift in with appreciation and thereby giving it a deeper meaning then its material reality.

    I think the money per se is not the cause. Rather, I believe it is the attributes we ascribe to money. Do I make money to live? Do I have loves that require little money? Do I have a spiritual life? Do I love my work intrinsically? Is my life human scale?

    Or do I live to make money? Do I have loves that require excessive money? Is there nothing greater than self-indulgence? Did I choose my path based on money? Is my life well connected?

  13. qazse Says:

    Adagio, well put. “The shadow of greed is upon those who want instead of need;” gets to the crux of it.

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