You do no service to the past

May 5, 2007


You do no service to the past
by obsessing on it –
by wailing and crying forever…

To define everything by “then”
robs the past of its redemption.

9 Responses to “You do no service to the past”

  1. Was checking out your blog, You might check out mine, especially my little post on how jesus taught me to paralyze the devil, what a peace generating thing that is.

  2. qazse Says:

    before I do – what’s your take on this post?

  3. Heather Says:

    QAZSE- How does the past redeem itself? Is it by people rectifying past mistakes or not making future ones? Is it by allowing the winners and the losers to write history, giving us some shot at a balanced look at the past?

    Can the past be redeemed by simply walking away from it? Or can that ever happen – personally, historically – on whatever scale a person most needs to?

  4. zaphodfreek Says:

    It’s amazing how the picture can change ones perspective or take on the words.
    The picture scares me a little, to be honest, as does most fundamentalism. The thought that someone could care so much for something is beyond my apprehension, I reckon. I haven’t found anything like that yet. Maybe love, when it comes, or music.

    As for the words themselves, I agree wholeheartedly.
    The past helps us to better the present and the future
    and dwelling on our mistakes is far too depressing for anyone’s mind and soul.

    “and in the end, he found out he’d written a lot more than he thought was possible…..”

  5. qazse Says:


    I think you summed it up very well. It reads like a poem and rings like a bell.

    I especially like the concept of “allowing the winners and the losers to write history”.

    What road we take toward redemption is probably a function of what the past event/process is/was. And yes I think under certain circumstances walking away is transcendent.


  6. qazse Says:

    z-freek, yes – the picture puts the words in the larger context while it can equally pertain to the personal. Some might argue that there is no difference between the two.

    Yea, fundamentalism scares me too. And I would argue that it isn’t so much they are caring as being responsive to brainwashing.

    Where is your closing quote from?


  7. Jules Says:

    Disturbing photo…your words along with the picture makes me wonder if I’m doing something like unto it teaching Sunday school every week. Children regurgitate what I teach them…plain an simple. Ask any child who knows the song “Jesus Loves Me”. They all know the words, but what does it mean to them? The question I’m left with and one that all the comments invoke – when they are old enough to question things, will they have been “brainwashed” for too long to find the answers for themselves? What really makes me so different than this woman?

    (Jules…thinking aloud)

  8. Jules Says:

    Wow – sorry for the typos.

    One more thought…We also do a disservice to the future by obessing on the past. We rob the future of its ability to redeem itself from that past as we continue to obsess about.

  9. qazse Says:

    Dear thinking aloud, I understand your dilemma. It is why I chose not to teach Sunday School when asked. We start separating humanity at a young age.
    I could not stand in front of a class and claim Christ as as the only true “savior”. That kind of talk is divisive. That kind of talk is the root of problem.


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