screwing common people

May 30, 2007

common people
want peace
and harmony

those who divide us
are manipulators
and misfits
power brokers
and fist lovers

how do we cope?
drugs and tv
earning and spending

through escape
we join them

8 Responses to “screwing common people”

  1. you write outrage throughout your blog better then anyone that I know. I love that; the freedom to say something that others are afraid to say. I try to do that with my art sometimes – so very freeing!

  2. It makes me so mad at myself but I haven’t figured out how to stop!

  3. twitches Says:

    It’s so true, and yet, so hard to break out of these patterns. They are so ingrained and we are so well trained.

  4. qazse Says:

    Ascender, Your reference to the “freeing” effect of expressing the truth (as one sees it) is a wonderful insight. It occasions me to reflect on the experience of freedom as a process of expression rather than the absence of oppression. And can one also say that peace is more the process of loving rather than the state of being secure?

    Thank you for your supportive remarks!

    Heather, what is it exactly you would like to stop?

    twitches, “we are so well trained.” I think we can all say “amen” to that. We have all been raised in the electronic skinner box.

  5. Soulless Says:

    Creatures of habit, in general, that we are.

    Been catching up on your posts. I remember reading “Dad Wore Hats” here from before (I think I commented on that post of yours, too; rereading it, I still liked it). Also enjoyed the depth of meaning in “The Age of Innocence.” Cheers.

  6. qazse Says:

    thanks and cheers to you!

  7. Freedom to say what others are unable to say… giving voice. yes.

    btw; I blogtipped you today. No need to do anything; just letting you know.

  8. qazse Says:

    that is very sweet

    you never cease to amaze me. You are such a prolific artist and blogger!

    thank you!

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