If only otherwise…

September 11, 2007


We heard oral sex
ten thousand times
than terrorism.

We saw her face
ten thousand times
than the evildoer.


photo source:

2 Responses to “If only otherwise…”

  1. qazse Says:

    I am a technological Neanderthal. My wife pointed out that the photo may be unclear to some if not most if not everyone except me. Thanks hon.

    Well I must admit she is probably right. What I tried to do is have Lewinsky’s raised index and middle fingers represent the two twin towers at that point where the second hit exploded and they both were entrapped in a quagmire of flame and black smoke.

    So if anyone who might come across this would care to submit an improved (photoshop?)image, please do so. I am just invested in the concept. I have no illusions about my artistic skills.

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