October 20, 2007


there are
no soldiers
we have all
died in


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9 Responses to “until”

  1. kimtelas Says:


    I just finished watching a movie: Children of Men.
    You might want to check it out. Lots of interviews also. Be strong when you choose to watch it and listen to the interviews because it demands. The interviews are amazing. (Then again, maybe you have already seen it!)

    Indeed—to the poem.


  2. qazse Says:

    Hello Kim!

    No I have not heard of it until now. I did a search and it looks interesting. I’ll put it on my movie hit list.

    thanks for suggesting it.

  3. chughes Says:

    i am always stunned with how you put everything in the world into a few lines. Truth is usually this simple, sharp, opening- before we get all arrogant and try to pad it, mold it or twist it.

    Your work gets tighter and stronger with each piece.

    By the way, Children of Men, i thought, was provocative. i also believe it could happen with all these crazy new birth control pills that make women have like one period a year. Anyway, i’d be interested in knowing what you think of it.


  4. qazse Says:

    I thank you for the complement. And thank you for the info on Children of Men. I am not promising when I will get around to it but I will eventually.
    I am listening, viewing and doing some things I have been intending to do for decades. Finally got around to listening to Nirvana’s music and read some on Cobain. I love the music and was moved by his biography.

  5. christine Says:

    Nirvana is awesome.
    i felt crushed when Kurt died. It was kind of like my generation’s Lennon.

  6. Soulless Says:

    I’m crossing my fingers. I’m fervently hoping. And I am reminded of John Lennon’s song, “Imagine”.

  7. qazse Says:

    Hey chritine, I wasn’t in the loop at the time. One can only wonder what his music would be like today. Perhaps, as been sung by N. Young, “Its better to burn out…” Although there is some who believe he was murdered. (It is not better to be snuffed out.)

    Hey Soulless, as long as we continue to work on it – there is hope.

  8. qazse Says:

    The story of the Enola Gay and her crew is a fascinating read.

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