About – my didacticism

November 19, 2007

I am often didactic. I know it can be a turn-off. I am sorry. I can’t help myself.

I believe our human problems are solvable. I believe there is wisdom at our disposal. Yet our consciousness is busy with busy work. We are all busy keeping once-useful now-archaic notions alive.

Ideas such as privilege or eternal damnation seem axiomatic to most. They legitimize division and dismissal. Yet my faith and observation  is that God shares everything and never gives up on anyone.

I sense urgency in the air and within myself. Each day brings more sad news. But the tragic has become entertainment rather than a call to action. The very things we ought to be alarmed about become our anesthesia.

People are innately philosophical. If they are given the opportunity (including the freedom and encouragement to think independently) they will find a way to get along.

I need to be a part of that process in several different ways.

4 Responses to “About – my didacticism”

  1. mikaelah Says:

    Your work is great. No apologies needed ever.

  2. qazse Says:

    Thank you, you are very kind.

  3. jca Says:

    I understand what you mean (quite personally in fact) and agree with your notion of hope. I’ve been in blogging hibernation, but I’d thought I’d poke my head out and give some encouragement. Not that you need it, but it’s always nice to hear.

    The world needs more light-bringers. I give you 2 kudos and a huzzah. 😛

  4. qazse Says:


    Encouragement is always appreciated.And the kudos, hauzzahs and smiles warm the soul.

    I stop by your site from time to time and saw you were on sabbatical from blogging. I hope that doesn’t mean you stopped writing also.

    Although I didn’t get around (and still don’t) to those on my blogroll as much as I should – when I did get around to you I found your work to be brilliant and impassioned.

    I hope all is well with you. And do stop by from time to time. I will keep you linked because your site remains a valued body of work.


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