December 1, 2007


after playing in snow
he comes home
a confection

16 Responses to “budku2”

  1. qazse Says:

    This is my Buddy. Beelzebud. Bud Laden. The Budmeister. Buddy Guy. Goody Boy.

    He is 49 and lives with his mommy,daddy,and brother.

    How sweet is that.

    Not a care in the world other than to protect us from squirrelies, kitty cats, and fat bees.

  2. zaphodfreek Says:

    He’s awesome!

    Love it qazse.

  3. qazse Says:

    Thanks zfreek. He is a blast. Are you owned by a dog?

  4. zaphodfreek Says:

    Well, our family is.

  5. qazse Says:

    I think Timber is a wonderful dog name. It is also fun to shout “TIMBER” while running through a crowd of people.

  6. zaphodfreek Says:


    All our pet names have and do and will begin with the letter ‘t’.

  7. qazse Says:

    Is there a reason for that?

  8. Sorrow Says:

    This was so delightful, and your words so satisfying, I had to comment and say, ” Thank you, I really enjoyed! ‘

  9. qazse Says:

    Thank you! You must like dogs…

  10. Sorrow Says:

    Quick Confess, I have been reading you for a while, Yes I like dogs, All animals really, But this one was light enough I felt safe enough commenting.

  11. qazse Says:

    Funny, yesterday I had made a note to lighten up a bit on this site. I sometimes wonder if this site is like that acquaintance who drains your batteries.

  12. Sorrow Says:

    No, you don’t need to lighten up. You just keep Doing what you have been, a little here and a little there, it suits you fine. I just get intimidated by really profound poetry and don’t want to come off sounding like an egotistical Mule.( or worse)

  13. qazse Says:

    I know the fear. If you or anyone else were to ever write a comment they would like me to erase, a simple email will rub it out. I have requested such myself.

  14. Kevin Olsen Says:

    The poem you wrote could not have descibed that picture more perfectly.

    This picture is worth 9 perfect words.

  15. qazse Says:

    Sorrow – thank you for the kind words on your site and the link to budku! That was sweet.

    Kevin – Thank you also. As I am realizing more and more, it is Buddy who brought me this poem and laid it at my door


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