dying for Christmas version 1

December 5, 2007


The tree we cut
and carried
into our home

the one
we shackled
sang to
and toasted

(rip a suckling child
from its mother)

(put makeup on a statue)

(be happy at a rape)

now lies on
its side
in the gutter


with hooks
and tinsel
blowing in the wind

photo by: Matthew Drumright

4 Responses to “dying for Christmas version 1”

  1. qazse Says:

    This is a repost from this past January.

  2. bloglily Says:

    Oh Qazse that is quite devastating. But lovely.

  3. christine Says:

    The close is powerful and sad.
    When we cut our tree down, our 8 year old was upset about it, like your poem.

    i could see her point, but i never thought of the tree as abandoned, like you’ve shown in the poem.

    i kind of feel bad.

  4. qazse Says:

    Dear Lily and Christine,

    My family and I go through the tree debate each year and I am always out-voted. I can assure you we will have a tree.

    According to the National Christmas Tree Assoc., Americans spent 1.2 billion dollars on real Christmas trees last year.

    I am sure that 1.2 billion is a minuscule amount of the total Christmas expenditure each year. However, I do think we must question the costs of our traditional luxuries in the face of grave need in this world. Christmas has become synonymous with Gluttony rather than Godly.

    I picked on the poor Christmas tree because it is a symbol as sacred as apple pie. I think we must question our actions instead of blindly following the Martha Stewart brigade at the expense of the poor and the environment. I don’t want to bring on guilt, just questioning.

    Thank you both for being in my blogging life. I will think of you both fondly when I raise my glass of ale to toast our tree.

    Warmest regards and wishes to you and your families!

    (both California girls btw)

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