the moon! is your logo…not McDonalds

December 11, 2007


there is no place
quite like the other

each valley
each plain
each mountain
each plateau

with its own
land forms
life forms
and light

encased in a shared
halo of air

we are binding this earth in asphalt.

and branding
we block the night sky
with our signs.

we look
like fire


4 Responses to “the moon! is your logo…not McDonalds”

  1. qazse Says:

    this is a repost

  2. tomachfive Says:

    Just dropped by to say hi, bro, it’s been a long time, and yes, I read this before and it’s rejuvenating to view this post again.

  3. krkbaker Says:

    I agree with Tom, it’s just as good the second time. It really is. I love the last line ‘from above we look like fire’. Submit this somewhere it’s good.

  4. qazse Says:

    Tom and krk – and your presence is rejuvenating!
    Thank you both!

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