The God Gag

December 16, 2007

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Jesus was a little baby. Christians believe He was the Son of God. (we are all Children of God)(the mystical body).

Don’t you think Jesus would have written something himself? It was such an important mission. (As is ours.) Why allow chaos and doubt – why make the path convoluted and contentious? Why not simplicity and congruency from the Prince of Peace?

Perhaps there are other princes serving themselves – magicians to our minds. Sleight of hand artists yelling threats of damnation to distract and befuddle.

Yes, there is always something fishy in this cosmos – as if gangsters take over a loving God. Power plays. Land grabs. God gags.


4 Responses to “The God Gag”

  1. fadingad Says:

    Beautifully said.

  2. christine Says:

    You have succinctly said what i’ve thought for decades. How is it that such as these own God & speak for him? Modern day pharissees…

    Last night i read an article about a menorah lighting in a neighboring town that has drawn much criticism because past Christmas displays have given way to displays for other holidays that occur during this time. The hatefulness i read from christians (a faith which is based on Judaism and taught, lead by a man who celebrated Hanukkah) blew me away. Somehow, i am always shocked because the Jesus i follow is concerned with our inner living & how we treat one another rather than displays in his honor, economics, race & location.

  3. now that was thought provoking (again) what reason would there be for not writing it down one’s self?

  4. qazse Says:

    fadingAD – thank you!

    Christine – I know…it seems to me that those who believe in a punishing god are the most intolerant. I want nothing to do with that god. Punishment engenders compliance through fear
    rather than wisdom. Since I believe in a loving God it is my duty to Love those blinded by fear. That is a tall order for me. I’d rather dope slap the shit heads. It will probably take me a few passes through this life to get it right…
    “the Jesus i follow is concerned with our inner living & how we treat one another rather than displays in his honor,economics, race & location.” Amen.

    Ascender – Good question. I can speculate:

    1 – Jesus did write somethings which were suppressed.

    2- Jesus did write some things which were inadvertantly lost or destroyed.

    As in “Opps sorry…I just used your manuscript to start a fire. Oh well, I am sure the human race will be able to wing it no problem.”

    3- Jesus wrote nothing because his life was the Word as in “the Word was made flesh”.

    4- His writings existed and were modified.

    Any others?

    Thank you all for commenting!

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