a new year thought

January 1, 2008


and Prosperity
for the Poor

(for a change)


3 Responses to “a new year thought”

  1. qazse Says:

    Don’t buy into the trickle down bullshit. It starts at the bottom.

  2. c Says:

    Of course it does, but to acknowledge that would create a loss of leverage, superiority. We can’t have that- ::snickers::

    If the working poor, service workers, laborers and domestics all decided not to go to work one day, oh my wordy word…

    In America, more than anywhere i believe, are the poor punished and ostracized by society for being poor (like being poor was their dream)- starting directly in school, but always known since sometimes a toddler may have to go hungry, spend time in the dark and/or witness the toll of poverty on their parents and neighbors…

    i will say that those that most assist and care for the poor are other poor folks. They may be financially poor, but are rich in their hearts. Still, that doesn’t provide healthy food for your children or pay bills or get them to the doctor when needed…

  3. qazse Says:


    (Those “pinko” French sometimes conduct nation wide strikes. You must be a commie.)

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