Buddy with “tree”

January 12, 2008


6 Responses to “Buddy with “tree””

  1. Polar Says:

    We used a Norfolk Island Pine as a Christmas tree for 17 years before it died last Summer. I had trimmed the top off of it for the last 5 years just to fit it in the house. I will need to get a new one for next year.
    I think Buddy could be the official Blogdog. Dobry Den.

  2. qazse Says:

    Our friend have a huge Norfolk which has occupied their vaulted family room for many years. They too decorate it.

    Good for you that you have done that for so long. Sorry about your tree. If I am not mistaken, that tree had made a couple geographic moves with you.

    Buddy says rooff rooff. He would love to run free through the blog woods.

    And a good day to you Polar!

  3. fencer Says:

    Airedales! What neat looking dogs…

    What is the typical airedale disposition? Or maybe I should ask what’s Buddy’s disposition? He looks like a cool guy…


  4. qazse Says:

    are diligent and alert
    have great energy and enthusiasm
    are intelligent
    love activity and attention
    are loyal and protective
    easy with children
    spin around when anticipating fun
    have minds of their own
    like affection but also like their space
    were the first breed trained as guard dogs
    are not high maintenance

    I love Buddy. He came to us as a rescue dog. He was 18 mos. Her was a very exuberant pup and after six years he is still exceedingly youthful. He loves to protect us from bees, cats, and squirrels. He has never growled at a human and is always ready to greet our friends with exuberance.

    Thanks for asking. We get inquiries about him all the time. He has a particularly jaunty gait which people find appealing. He is our second Airedale and I will always have one in our family.

    Are you looking for a dog?


  5. fencer Says:

    Hi qazse,

    I love dogs… but haven’t had one for years with my wife and myself living and working in the city. Not fair to the dog to keep it inside and confined all the time when we’re working. When I retire!

    We had Labs when I was a kid, and that’s a great breed as well. But when I’ve seen Airedales, I’ve always admired them.


  6. qazse Says:

    We chose Airedales because my wife was not allergic to them. I love labs. Buddy would not do well off leash. Most labs I know are the kind you can take backpacking with you.


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