On Extended Vacation

January 29, 2008

I have decided to stop posting for several months. I am sure that from time to time I will post something here or there. However I must stop for now. It is not that I have run out of ideas or interest. It is that I have to run elsewhere.

To my Blogroll: thank you from the depths of my soul. You have given me such strong support and encouragement. I have benefited more than you will ever know.

I am sorry I did not get around to read and comment as much as I should have. It is something I always felt guilty about (dead beat blogger) and one of the considerations in my decision. Reading other people’s stuff is just as much part of blogging as is posting. When I return I will do so only when I have the time to visit other blogs. That will be enjoyable.

I started this project almost two years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed your work and comradierie. It reaffirms my belief that we are all gifted in myriad ways.

till then

12 Responses to “On Extended Vacation”

  1. Sorrow Says:

    Have a wonderful respite, your words and your presence will be missed!

  2. c Says:

    Enjoy your time, qazse.
    i will miss you, but for me, there are always the archives.

    Be safe & happy.


  3. Polar Says:

    You will be missed. May your sabbatical be filled with peace. Give Buddy a box of biscuits from me. Dobry Den.

  4. zaphodfreek Says:

    we shall wait for your return with bated breath.
    ‘Till next we meet friend.

  5. qazse Says:

    “Aww shucks” I say as I look down toward my foot making half circles in the dirt.

  6. Max and Madison Says:

    I will miss you, but I wish you the best. Take care of you.


  7. qazse Says:

    thank you Heather

  8. fencer Says:

    Hi qazse,

    Sorry to hear you won’t be posting for awhile… always a treat to come here.

    Hope all your endeavours go swimmingly and that you feel encouraged to return before too long.


  9. howard Says:

    Thanks for gracing us with your thoughts. I completely understand a hiatus based on the business of one’s real life.

    I’ve long been of the mind that blogging (whatever you feel it requires of you) shouldn’t feel more like an obligation than a labor of love.

    So please, whenever you do make your comeback (hopefully sooner rather than later), don’t press yourself to any standard of blogging “etiquette.” Your insights here are quite enough; while I always appreciate your visits and comments, I certainly wouldn’t demand them as a condition of my reading you.

    Take care. Come back when you can.

  10. qazse Says:

    fencer and howard (sounds like a law firm), thank you both!

  11. pauline Says:

    well now, I’ll miss coming here and reading your concise and oh so on-the-mark words. let us know when you return –

  12. qazse Says:

    Thank you Pauline, I will. Take care.

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