Iraqathon – an unhappy anniversary

March 19, 2008

Five years ago today the United States President and Congress invaded Iraq using Our military. Several months after the invasion I took part in a small demonstration against the war at the main intersection of our small town. There were five of us: my wife, my son (13), our friend Karen, our friend Leann, and myself. Leann, a Catholic activist from our nearby college, had organized the bootless foray.

Our small rally was peaceful and non confrontational. That did not stop many driving by from blowing their horns, giving us the finger, and yelling out “fuck you”. I wonder if they still feel the same today.

12 Responses to “Iraqathon – an unhappy anniversary”

  1. Sorrow Says:

    probably…some things don’t change
    especially not intelligence…

  2. Whitecatcb Says:

    You DO know that Bush is a good person with good morals right?

  3. cpnprice Says:

    Well first off, Why don’t you want this war to go on? Is it because you think were trying to steal oil? Or maybe Its because you think that we INVADED (to enter forcefully as an enemy; go into with hostile intent) Iraq. One we did not invade Iraq, this war is not on Iraq! This war is on terrorists (a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.) And to refresh your memory Terrorists killed many of our own people! And any way its actually a very “Happy” war. In WW2 we and other nations lost millions! But because they kept it from the public it was a great era! Now America has lost a little over three thousand! So it is a simple war we are fighting to make the world another great place! Go Bush Elect Mickane!

  4. qazse Says:

    Sorrow – is it intelligence or ignorance?

    Whitecatch – yes, he is a man of family values – rich family values.

    cpnprice – a “Happy” war????? You got to be kidding me. Why don’t you go to a veteran’s hospital and tell those dudes who lost limbs what a happy war this is. Or how about knocking on the door of a home which lost a son or daughter in Afganistan or Iraq. Tell them how “happy” you think it all is.

    Sorrow – perhaps a mixture of both.

    note: Whitecatch and cpnprice – your link backs are not working?

  5. qazse Says:

    PS – cpn – it’s “McCain” not Mickane. (Mickane is an analgesic ointment used by certain aged Disney characters)(Hey – perhaps his name should be spelled that way!)

  6. cpnprice Says:

    Quaze, that last thing was funny. But this is a “HAPPY” war by comparison. Im sorry for my spelling mistake. But I want to know are u Republican or Democrat?

  7. Sorrow Says:

    Definitely BOTH.

  8. qazse Says:

    You don’t have to apologize for a spelling mistake, the name does sound like you spelled it. But it leads me to wonder if you read the news. Many of us today get all our news from either television or radio. Perhaps you have never seen the name spelled out.

    I am happy you liked my attempt at humor.

    I am an independent but because I live in Pennsylvania I am registered as a Democrat. You can’t vote in a primary if you are a registered Independent. How undemocratic is that?

    I spent my first 9 years growing up in a rough neighborhood in Jersey City, New Jersey. We played outside all the time with the older kids “supervising us. Unfortunately most of the big kids would smack us soon as look at us:

    “You go your way and I’ll go mine. Just don’t tell mom or else I’ll knock out your little teeth in douche bag”

    I had my share of intimidation and saw some burgeoning gang violence. I hated it.

    My dad saw that things were getting worse and got us out of there by working his ass off in time for me to start third grade in a Catholic school in the suburbs. I had my share of street brawls with my age mate friends and strangers. I hated it.

    I think the world is like a neighborhood. In the ones that are full of conflict and no mercy – things always continue to worsen. Just look at the ghettos of today. It is appalling.

    I think Bush has an cowboy conservative view of the world that is uninspired. I believe he is perceived as a bully and too arrogant (ethnocentric?) to realize it. He surrounds himself with corporate types who have their own agendas and “yes” him to death so he won’t hassle them.

    Remember what happened to that General who spoke up before the war? He said we needed many more troops to do the invasion/occupation properly. He was soon gone. A wise man would have listened more carefully to his advisement. Instead two suits make the decision to go in lean and mean. (A bottom line, cost efficient, machine backed up by the likes of Helliburton and Deepwater) But unfortunately their clean little war got messy quick. Those two never heard of the rope a dope. They were out of their league.

    Any fool who studied history would know the geometric dangers of fighting war on two fronts. But Bush had corporate types running the invasion. They had more knowledge of business plans than occupation plans. That is mismanagement worthy of impeachment.

  9. cpnprice Says:

    I agree. We need more men in Iraq for two reasons, to reduce casualties and to get the hell out of there faster!

  10. qazse Says:

    It is now a bottomless pit. We should have never gone in the first place.

  11. c Says:

    Why is it right to kill thousands of Iraqis, let our children/parents/siblings get killed (4,000 & counting), destroy a nation by bombing the crap out of it? Yes, our country suffered a terrible disaster- 9/11- but life is life, and American lives are not worth more than other lives.

    This war has killed more people and destroyed more property than the terrorist assault on the World Trade Center.

    i am not so idealistic to say that action shouldn’t’ve been taken, but this war has accomplished nothing aside from solidifying America’s position as the global bully.

    And please name one war that has not been about establishing dominance of one power over another and/or money.

  12. qazse Says:

    Hello Christine! Yes, sadly man has often operated as if one group (“my” group)is superior to others. There must be many reasons why we do so. Probably it was innate and born of a need to survive. Nowadays the phenomenon of exclusion serves the purpose of wealth preservation (survival as resource).

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