Ask not what you can do for your country but rather what you can do for yourself

March 20, 2008

Former President Bill Clinton was in our area yesterday campaigning for Hillary.  She has much support in the region due to her family ties here (Rodham).  Most local Democratic politicos are supporting her because she considers this a “second home” (I thought New York was her “second home”?) and they smell hot gravy.   It is not what is good for our country. It is what’s good for these provincial hacks.

Today our  local media is awash with pictures of adoring fans listening to Bill’s every utterance – as if each word was backed by veracity rather than agenda. This is the same person who chose to lie rather than tell the truth, then move on with the urgent business of this country. Instead he lied like a coward and we were pulled into a muck of prurient distraction and obsession.

The hypocritical opposition chose self interest over the nation’s.    They are traitors.   Rather than proactively deal with emerging threats such as Al-Qaeda – our government, media, and national consciousness were focused on semen and cigars.

It was not what was good for our country – rather, it was what was good for Bill Clinton. It was not what was good for our country- rather, it was what was good for the Republican Party.

And when it came time to vote to authorize the invasion of Iraq, Hillary voted YES – not because it was good for our country but rather it seemed the politically expedient thing to do at a time when people who opposed the war were implied to be “traitors”. She along with most in her party rolled onto their backs rather than stand up and question the neo con propaganda machine. It was what was good for Hillary.

5 Responses to “Ask not what you can do for your country but rather what you can do for yourself”

  1. wooderson Says:

    Where did you get the line you used as your heading? Did you just twist Kennedy’s line, or is that someone else’s quote? Thanks!

  2. qazse Says:

    I twisted Kennedy’s line.

  3. blondie 101 Says:

    that was Kennedys qoute and as messes with it that was wrong

  4. Terri Lynn Sullivan Says:

    JFK’s quote was one of worse things that could have historically happen to the USA. It brought forth the false notion that war can somehow “serve our nation”, it only “serves” profit into pockets of war profiteering perpetrators. “Terrorism” on an International perspective has always been a threat, but over past decade since 9/11 even worse BECAUSE of our response with attacking several nations. (9/11-a horrific event of which we don’t really even know what happened…plotted within to fuel war profits or not) Even if a full on “hijacking”, 9/11 should have served as a wake up call to our beligerant foreign policy. Anyone who does not see how our perpetual wars have diserved our nation is, unbeknown to themselves, “anti-American”. we’ve gone against the warnings of at least 5 Founding Fathers and early generals-turned president “beware the military industrial complex”

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