Reflecting upon the Papal visit.

May 2, 2008

Benedict named his tour “Christ Our Hope”. Why not Love Our Hope,
or Peace Our Hope ? Rather, we got the same old Christ branding. What is good for the Christ is good for the Pope.

Benedict gets to keep his throne and his kingdom on earth. Thousands of children perish each day for want of food, shelter, and medicine.

The Pope surrounds himself with pomp and silly outfits. All wasted money. How is that holy?

9 Responses to “Reflecting upon the Papal visit.”

  1. qazse Says:

    All of our “leaders” must stop behaving like kings.

  2. howard Says:

    Maybe the Christ branding wouldn’t be so bad if it were based on the version of life Jesus was supposed to have led. Perhaps if more leaders thought of themselves more as stewards than as royalty, or if they followed the way Jesus put himself down on the level of regular people?

    The Pomp of Roman Catholicism always struck me as incongruous with its stated intent. I always thought they should behave more like Quakers, and oddly, the Catholics I’ve admired most seem to do just that.

  3. qazse Says:

    Well put. The true spirit of Jesus’ message/life has been buried by men with agendas who claim to have direct communication with God. The pomp is what Jesus spoke against. The pope embraces it. And the notion that the Catholic way is the only way, is insulting and dangerous.

    Thanks Howard.

  4. Sorrow Says:

    I am not sure if the information is correct, but I remember being told as a child that the Pope was the richest man in the world, with the art,jewels and property holdings all over the world.
    I am not christian so forgive the miss quote..
    “king of kings?”
    I think that may be the look he is going for…

  5. qazse Says:

    That is a funny line. I truly did laugh out load. Thank you.

    I grew up Roman Catholic and attended Catholic Schools on through my bachelors degree. I have had my share of theology and philosophy. There is much I admire about the organization and much I disagree with.

    I believe the legitimization of royalty and superiority keeps this world in turmoil. The Roman Catholic claim of exclusivity to the Truth and that everything non-Catholic is doomed, is an example of it. It seems extremists do the same. A “my way or the highway” approach to metaphysics.

  6. keshuv Says:

    Yes, how is that holy?

  7. qazse Says:

    Yes, it could actually be described as “anti-holy”; although too much could be implied with such an assertion. Sadly, I think the Church is simply unquestioning and naive in a George Bush kinda way.

  8. It is such a silly friggen charade. Who cares about a Nazi youth pointy hat wearing thug cruising around in a bullet proof golf cart? The media ran that excrement 24/7. It is all about the divide and conquer organized religion dialectal warfare charade. Cats are lapping it up left and right. What a joke.

  9. qazse Says:

    “the divide and conquer organized religion dialectal warfare charade” – love it

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