Class Warfare ?

May 28, 2008

Why not?
The rich are already
kicking our asses

6 Responses to “Class Warfare ?”

  1. clancyjane Says:


  2. qazse Says:

    would the world be
    any less so
    if the females
    ran the show?

  3. howard Says:

    I’m almost afraid to touch that last question, Qazse, but experience tells me it’s human nature that creates the divide more than anything else.

    I must’ve read this a few dozen times before I started really thinking about it. That’s when it started hitting me how we (in the “civilized” world) characterize armed conflicts between disproportionately armed sides.

    We use terms like guerilla warfare and terrorism to describe those who resort to whatever means are available to them, while we think ourselves morally superior as we deploy weapons far more violent and destructive.

    It strikes me that class warfare is pretty much the same dynamic: those with the means hit us in their own detached and calculated ways, while anyone trying to hit back is decried for their ugly, divisive methods. The talking heads describing the action rely on cloaked appearances rather than moral clarity.

    Or something like that. Anyway, I think your post makes a great point.

  4. qazse Says:

    This is a paraphrased quote by someone whose name escapes me:

    Feed the rich – sleep with the masses.
    Feed the masses – sleep with the rich.

    I am fond of it for several reasons. I have been serving the rich for many years as a caterer and waiter. But other than having some face validity for me, I think it is illustrative of our monetary distribution and the way it is arrived at. With the greater concentration/control of distribution, comes the economics of large scale. No longer is it the farmer or crafts person down the road but rather the global conglomerate somewhere – but not here. It creates a pyramid where once was a circle.


  5. Brian Hayes Says:

    I’ve been putzing for two hours looking for the source to “feed the rich”.

    WikiAnswers says it’s Henry Ford who first said “sell to the masses and eat with the classes”. There are many references in the business and sales sectors, so maybe Ford can lay claim.

    I like your styling much better, and its sentiment of justice.

    I did notice though that Pythagoras said “Sit Not Down On The Bushel”.

  6. qazse Says:

    Hey Brian, Thanks for looking. It may have been Ford. I think he also said (again, paraphrased) – if you think you will fail – you will.

    And thank you for the Pythagoras link. I had no idea he was also a spiritual and social thinker. Shame on me for never looking beyond what I was taught/feed.

    “Sit Not Down On The Bushel. (Don’t Become Content In This Life, Continue The Harvest Of Souls, But Do Not Put Down Deep Roots”


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