Dick Cheney’s Picture Book of Energy – Page 3

July 10, 2008


Here I am at a secret meeting. We are making energy policy.

3 Responses to “Dick Cheney’s Picture Book of Energy – Page 3”

  1. A row of red-faced balding White guys doing violence to the World in secrecy. Smirks and hi-jinx hidden from public scrutiny. Manical smugness and long-term trauma on the horizon. What a dick.

  2. have you seen the book “Goodnight Bush” in the book store?
    “and cheney sitting in the corner whispering ‘hush'”


  3. qazse Says:

    johnny – I love the commentary. It reminds me of the commercial where an entertainer interprets what a person is relating to the audience. As usual, you are right on.

    Ascender – yes I have. I ran across it the other night. The version I encountered was one which allowed me to flip each page of the entire book. It was very cool. I wish I had thought of that.

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