disco moon

July 20, 2008


all eyes on the sky
this moon is a disco moon
campfires dance

picture credit

2 Responses to “disco moon”

  1. c Says:

    i love camping and this poem reminds of the clear sky, unblemished by street lights and neon and pointless noise.

    i could and absolutely would dance under that moon, just from the joy of being somewhere clear and fresh.

    Our moon has been reddened by nearby fires.
    Coming from southern California, red moons are nothing new, but it thrills me every time.

  2. qazse Says:

    I am looking forward to camping in late summer and fall. I hope to go off on my own and do some biking trails.

    “We’re gonna dance by the light of the silvery moon” was a line from an old song or two. There must be something to it… in a Jungian sense.

    Enjoy the red moon. I don’t think I have ever witnessed one.

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