August 11, 2008


so many years
I knew all along
we were made to last

artist: Bruce Wood

5 Responses to “anniversary”

  1. qazse Says:

    24 years with mrs qazse

  2. Polar Says:

    Congratulations. May time slow down so that you two can have more of each other in the next twenty-four.

  3. c Says:

    Happy Anniversary.
    Twenty-four years is definately something to be proud of.

    Now, go enjoy your beautiful wife!

  4. commontater Says:

    Congratulations! An accomplishment worthy of admiration and awe in a Drive-by Divorce society! Truth.

  5. qazse Says:

    Polar,c, and commontater,

    Thank you for the well wishes. We had a lovely time.

    Our dear friends Clif and Carla were married on the same day as us. (However,we did not know each other back then). For our collective twenty fifth the four of us are renting a hacienda in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. Perhaps I will be posting from there next year at this time.

    Peace and gratitude

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