Armageddon Oops

September 25, 2008

What if bricks fly
like leaves in a hurricane

cellos burn like straw

fingers like napalm

lips like tissue.

Will you hail
the second coming?

6 Responses to “Armageddon Oops”

  1. qazse Says:

    This is a repost from 9/26/06

  2. hopefully soon it will be over. I dont know what I will do if it won’t!
    I wanted to drop you a note about a change that I am making on my blog.
    I am changing the format soon to create a quicker download and I plan am taking my recprical links to it’s own page. But I wanted to make the recprical page special – rather then just listing people I thought I would put a little thumb photo or the logo of the site and a brief description. I appreciate your listing of my link on your site so I wanted to see if you were interested in this. If you are interested please send the image you would like to use and a short description to this address. I plan to create that page before I update my main page template. Right now the bare bones link page is at:
    It will be a slow process as I will only be able to work on it a little bit a day.
    Let me know if you are interested.

  3. Too many false persons try to define God solely based on their own limited personal experiences, knowledge, and if it did not happen to them it cannot happen to anyone else…

  4. qazse Says:

    I think that most people who are limited in perspective are victims of an impoverished and cynical approach to public education. A failure to instill imagination. Imagination is a prerequisite to empathy and understanding. Public education is more about rote learning and following orders and keeping the elite, elite.

  5. howard Says:

    I love this poem. It’s right to the point.

    Having grown up in a religious environment prone to these beliefs, it reminds me of something one of the church elders once said when the pastor spoke almost joyfully of unrest in the middle east. He rebuked the reverend, saying that whatever happens is up to God’s timing, and we shouldn’t concern ourselves with trying to manipulate the pace or nature of such events.

    Of course, that old man was quickly branded as a heretic and roundly ostracized. To his credit, he never gave in, and even though he was never given proper credit, he was probably the pivot point on which that church averted a deep dark slide into rightwing Zionist orthodoxy.

    Sadly, such brave and persistent souls are too rare in circles most prone to fundamentalism. Hence, we have no shortage of “true believers” who not only rejoice in the signs of chaos they believe will herald the end times, but also work to further such destructive trends.

    Anyway, again, great poem.

  6. qazse Says:

    Thanks for sharing what you witnessed.
    It is chilling to think that people look to hasten Armageddon. Do you know of other examples?

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