Energy Exploration?????

October 25, 2008

Look up in the freaking sky!!!!!

7 Responses to “Energy Exploration?????”

  1. Hans Says:

    “It’s in the Sun”

    Sorry couldn’t help the selfless plug for the company I work for that uses The Sun to heat homes & water and to supply electricity to people’s homes, work & entertainment.

  2. qazse Says:

    Hans, You are fortunate to be working in that field. I am happy to give a plug to the good guys in solar hats.

  3. qazse Says:

    I do not mean to imply that solar is the only answer. I believe our approach has to be locally coherent and varied: small hydro, geo thermal, solar, and wind. I constructed this post as a dope- slap and therefore kept it simple. The sky in this case is metaphorical.

  4. c Says:

    qazse for President!

  5. Paul Says:

    It’s beautiful. Blue and fluffy white clouds and a great big burning thing right in the middle.

  6. awils1 Says:

    Oh, most definitely. That big freaking ball of a gas with a fusing core has a luminosity of 3.86 x 10^26 W,

  7. qazse Says:

    c – I humbly accept your gracious nomination… I guess that means I will have to wear a suit and get a haircut… on second thought, thanks but no thanks.

    Paul – Yea, its like a big campfire for us. Too close you burn. Too distant you freeze. Earth got the best spot.

    awils1 – I always thought it was 3.84. No wonder the sun seems brighter all of a sudden.

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