This and That – More Shit than Anticipated

October 28, 2008

Why is the far right the keepers of who is “American” and who is
not? I would leave that to the Native Americans.

To my Roman Catholic brothers and sisters: Go ahead and vote on one
issue. But remember, your votes put George W. Bush in office. Therefore, you share in the responsibility for making this world a geometrically nastier and more impoverished place in which to birth a child. (Thereby, ironically, increasing the probability of an already overwhelmed pregnant mother choosing abortion) You are so preoccupied with the unborn that you have allowed the born to be doomed to the cesspools of the ever expanding slums of this earth.

Always remember, it was the Bush administration who dismissed the warnings about bin Laden from the Clinton people. Bush was such a myopic fool.

I believe the neo-cons half wanted something to happen. They wanted an excuse to invade Iraq; a Gulf of Tonkin, a “remember the Maine”. They got more shit than they ever anticipated on September 11. Just as they got more shit than anticipated when they invaded Iraq. Did they suppose their “enemies” were like those in a Bond movie: diabolical but relatively impotent and easily defeated? I can see Bush, Chaney and Rove consulting the library (a bible and 3,000 DVDs) to review how James Bond escaped the bad guys by sledding down a ski slope in a cello case. They surely drooled on their ties.

Is the bloody saga of the white man’s displacement, erasure, and
marginalization of Native Americans a model for Christian relations with Muslims? Or Muslim’s with Christians? Convert or hurt! Only madmen would think that, you say.

6 Responses to “This and That – More Shit than Anticipated”

  1. Paul Says:

    Cool. More and more I am seeing actual anger expressed in these political pieces around the web. It is refreshing.

  2. Sorrow Says:

    It’s funny, I once saw these protesters at an abortion clinic, and i asked them if they would still protest for their fetus if it was born gay.
    I think i still have the dent in my head from the sign I got whacked with.

  3. clancyjane Says:

    i was off on this tangent this morning. the thing is, do we value life, or not? and if we do, then mustn’t we value it across the board?
    because if we don’t, can we really call it a value? i say we can’t.

    and i do value life. all life. so it’s hard for me to reconcile a couple of things.

    like, during the clinton presidency senior citizens in the community and in residential care facilities had access to programs that helped increase their autonomy and sense of well-being. after clinton, these programs were cut.

    and during the clinton presidency, children (of working parents, sandwiched between their children and their elderly parents) had access to after- and in-school programs that eased the weight of childcare stressors on their parents. after clinton, these programs were cut.

    don’t we want those lives to be more meaningful? don’t we value those lives, too?

  4. qazse Says:

    Paul – interesting observation. You seem to have a hand on the pulse of the blogosphere – any theories on why the rise in the expression of anger?

    Sorrow – did anyone take the question seriously? What could they possibly say? Wait, I know one response: “it would be okay as long as they don’t practice their sexuality”.

    clancyjane – what you say makes perfect sense to those who are proactive and sensitive to human needs. But the far right seems to be sensitive to only that which saves their asses. Hey, if all I have to do to avoid hell is go to mass an hour a week, give some money, and vote against abortion candidates – its a sweet deal! Add to this the twisted notions of Prosperity theology and you have the perfect legion of ditto heads. External locus of control applies here. The church has always preached to blindly trust the infallible BIBLE or POPE and distrust human experience. We must be cleansed of original sin.

  5. I’ll let you all worry about deciding who’s American. I’m still working on a definition for poet.

    “Fools rush in…”

  6. qazse Says:

    I,obviously,define poetry quite loosely – although I have trouble calling myself a poet.

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