China’s rulers love the US model:

December 1, 2008


Strobe your masses
with the seen and unseen.

Feed them “must watch”
“must play” content.

Imply jobs
are supposed to suck.

Live for the weekend.

Cast excessive living
as ultimate meaning.

Declare it unpatriotic or uncool
to think otherwise.

Render freedom irrelevant.

8 Responses to “China’s rulers love the US model:”

  1. Paul Squires Says:

    That’s a very clever poem, well said. The last things we need is another couple of billion american-type humans. I’m starting to think this word ‘freedom’ is in need of rehabilitation. What does it mean these days?

  2. qazse Says:

    “The last things we need is another couple of billion american-type humans.” Agreed, that notion is exactly what the status quo corporations want – more turned on consumers.

    Our society has boxed our minds into accepting big government and big media. Good citizenship means compliance, not participation.

    In my life I have felt most free when backpacking. All I needed to survive was on my back. Perhaps the rehabilitation will take place in the wilderness…

    PS thank you for the complimentary words.

  3. howard Says:

    Nice work, Qazse.

    Does anyone else remember how happy we were to see folks in the Soviet Union, China or any number of other non-western nations clutching bottles of Coca-Cola or streaming into their newly opened local McDonalds restaurants?

    I do.

    And I also remember wondering why the news anchors talking over these scenes were so tickled. I understood that it was, in perhaps the most perverse way, a sign of the ever-so-brief period of U.S. global dominance. It was both the triumph and the downfall of an empire.

    But then, I was raised by unpatriotic people who didn’t appreciate the sanctity of the market.

  4. qazse Says:

    howard – well put. I guess it was akin to sharing fire. We were proud to have it but no longer the only ones with it.

  5. zaphodfreek Says:

    “Yeah, you’re right. China sucks.
    Whoo! Go America!”


  6. awils1 Says:

    Render freedom irrelevant.

    Ah, but they’re the clinch: China would have it so that there is no freedom to protest, or even critique. Western nations still have that, to some extent.

  7. qazse Says:

    awils1 – this is the way I see it:

    The masses are becoming mesmerized by the electronic/celebrity medium that is a skinner box whose sole purpose is to reinforce consumerism (and therefore materialism).

    Freedom is a matter of the soul. As the soul becomes less relevant to us – as we continue to slip deeper into this black hole of materialism: freedom becomes less and less relevant. All that becomes important is pulling the correct lever for “needed” stuff.

    Our schools do not educate lovers of wisdom. Rather, they produce indoctrinated consumers and workers dedicated to the status quo. The prom queen, the cheer leader, the jock … it is all symptomatic.

    Happy new year.

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