When I Become Santa

December 4, 2008

We move operations south:
to Newark, Watts, Bronx
East LA and ten thousand
other desperate places.

We will make toys
for souls.

Peaceful and playful
thoughtful and titillating toys.

Unafraid and knowing –
we will walk this earth

giving gifts.

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4 Responses to “When I Become Santa”

  1. hoh Says:

    looked for ‘about’ to leave a message – alas i’m visually challenged
    was scrolling through the comments re new wp version
    yours really made me laugh
    all you need is a compass
    excellent comment
    bye the way yr pop up ads are on
    incase you weren’t aware of it
    they pop up and take a while to disapear
    not sure where the off switch is in the new version
    but it used to be in themes/design/extras
    all the best
    cape town

  2. qazse Says:

    hello cape town, thank you for stopping by. I am happy to hear you found some levity in my remark to wp. I do the comment thing from time to time (intermittent reinforcement).

    best regards from pennsylvania

    PS – the things which were popping up – were they ads or the picture links?

  3. hoh Says:

    hi there pennsylvania!
    they were the pop up ads [they don’t show up now – yeaaah]
    as ones curser corossed a link the abriged version of the site appeared and under it run the ads
    or something like that. i refuse to look at them
    as i get irritated because they obscure what i’m reading! grrrr
    love yr snow animation – goes so well with yr theme colour and white text!
    seasons greating to you – it’s a scoarcher here today 28 c & a strong wind – sorry i guess its cold where you are in the north!
    mind you we have the south pole up the road ish.
    if the wind changes direction it’s a bit nippy!
    and the sea is sooooo cold that you think the water is boiling hot! but thousands frolick in it with shreeks of delight and the surfurs bob in it for hrs waiting for that wave!

  4. qazse Says:

    thank you cape town – you seem a happy one

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