February 26, 2009

i am in
the here and now
now and then

9 Responses to “out”

  1. howard Says:

    form and content combined perfectly

  2. qazse Says:

    howard, i often do a search before i post a poem to make sure the key phrases haven’t been used before. I failed to do that with this post due to time constraints. Tonight i thought i better do so because the phrase seemed too obvious to not have been used before. Sure enough i found “the here and now, now and then” in lyrics by an eighties band called Missing Persons. I will therefore be deleting the poem in a day or so once you see this. (i know you are not on wordpress and therefore will not see this comment right away.)(plz let me know when you do see it) But, thank you for your kind compliment anyway.

    On the previous page is a picture of an abused black child. The accompanying quote had come to my mind and i had found the picture to match it. However, when i did a search i found it to be part of the title of an address given by the president of AAAS. I liked the quote so much, i kept it as a quote and attributed it to the source.

  3. Paul Says:

    I know the feeling in your little poem very well. This issue of attribution and checking to see if someone’s done it before is tricky. I had to go back and change all my anti-haiku pieces from ‘invented’ the anti-haiku to ‘discovered’ it cos I found one by someone else from ten years ago. It felt like the right thing to do, but it is only old codgers like us that bother. Most people seem quite happy to cherry pick whatever they like.

  4. qazse Says:

    My brother is an avid email forwarder. He has a keen sense of humor and much of what he sends is worth opening. I always marvel at the amount of work (jokes, cartoons, photos, photo-shops) which goes uncredited. It is an extreme example of cherry picking. I know what you mean.

  5. howard Says:


    I see what you mean. I still liked this one popping up on the reader when it did. very useful at least.

  6. Wayne Says:

    Hi qazse.
    I like this little piece OF YOURS.
    I’m respectful of other people’s work and would not knowingly glom other work as my own. But the fact is, people come up with the same stuff all on own their own. And since Paul can testify that time is not linear, then who wrote it first is not an issue.
    You’ve done your due diligence I would think. And credited a prior writer. But that writer was not your source, nor is there limited access to the REAL SOURCE, muse, or whatever, you both share.

    I mean, Geez Louise, are we poets or literary researchers? I suppose anything we’ve ever written has been thought or written before perhaps. I say let it be reinforcement of the ideas. At the same time, if someone contacted me and said, Hey! That’s what I wrote last year and I’m trying to market it, I would confirm it, then remove my work for as long as may be appropriate, and engage that obviously kindred spirit in some promising conversation!

    Keep up your wonderful work, qazse! Try not to get too paranoid.

  7. qazse Says:

    I listened to the song on lala.com. It is typical eighties fare. I don’t recall having ever heard it but who knows. I could have heard it and subconsciously filed the line. Maybe I was on some eighties dance floor with a beer buzz and it went right into the vault via the penis.

    I appreciate the notion that we all share the same cosmic muse and that things get duplicated. But I am using someone else’s line (no matter how inadvertently) as the major part of my work. If it were a single line in a full novel it would be of much less consequence.

    It is the risk I run in doing these smaller pieces. Plus, I learned a valuable lesson, never pick up a Missing Persons LP album at a flea market. Unless, the cover is total schmaltz.

  8. liquidquick Says:

    …fair warning, my friend…

    shitty eighties tunes
    provide the best platform for
    haiku mockery

  9. qazse Says:

    quick – I deleted my first reply to you because it was unworthy. I must let this gem stand alone.


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