Some Fascist Terminology:

April 12, 2009

tree hugger
bleeding heart

4 Responses to “Some Fascist Terminology:”

  1. dummidumbwit Says:

    and MSNBC viewer is always popular?? Union Organizer,Eleanor Roosevelt clone,Liberal, Socialist,Community Organizer and my all time favorite Eggheads!!!

  2. qazse Says:

    howard – sorry to hear about Harry K. But that is not a bad way to go. Sucks for everyone else though.

    d-wit – love the list,especially “Eggheads”; sinister intelligentsia, effete intellectual snobs in their ivory towers, misters know-it-all…

    I should make this post a participatory one.

  3. dummidumbwit Says:

    The Ed Show was put on MSNBC i think to try to offset the intellectual edge of Maddow and Olberman, It’s more labor and less academic? I like all of them, Maddow is the best but she is also the smartest(she’s and Oxford Scholar like Bubba), so see if the Ed Show does good, I love Psycho Talk!!! I try to be an anti elitist egghead, but it’s a trick?

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