August 28, 2009

spun in ice –
the cream we stole from the barn
cools our night


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  1. pauline Says:

    so few words, so many mind pictures!

  2. qazse Says:

    In my early years we spent our summers in Richmond, Massachusetts – next to Weaver’s Store. There was a garage across the street, a farm going south, and a fishing pond north. A country train station was down the track behind the house. We would travel from Grand Central Station in New York City to my grandma’s backyard. Incredible fortune.

    Several of my poems are inspired by those days and that place. Although I never stole cream from a barn, I can imagine it – not only as a child but also as an uncle or aunt who suffered through the great depression of the 1920’s (oh that depression) and would possibly partake in such an adventure.


    I hope you are enjoying this night.

  3. pauline Says:

    When I was a child we boarded our cow at the neighbor’s barn (in exchange for helping with the chores and sharing the eggs from our own chicken farm). There was always an excess of cream and so during the summer months, making ice cream in the churn was an almost daily treat. That poem made me remember how great that was! The simplicity of it brought back so clearly the simplicity of my life back then (and the choice of words made me sit back in admiration).

  4. rkbaker Says:

    Hi Q,
    Just wanted to drop in and let you know I added you to my new website Hope that’s ok, also new blog linked to it…
    I love this by the way.
    very sensual.

    • qazse Says:

      hi k ,

      i apologize for the delay in responding. i often forget to respond when the commenter’s avatar is bumped downward and eventually out of sight by succeeding entrees. kinda like a video game. i want to wish you well with i stopped by briefly twice and will explore it further. i like the visual and am flattered you listed me as a link next to my old friend tomachfive. i am listing it on my blogroll. best, q PS – is a fine domain name.

  5. qazse Says:

    z & k, I apologize for never responding to your dear comments. I have avoided coming here to the blog for many months. I am not totally sure why. But it is my intent to return.

    Thank you for your continued regard.

    best to you both

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