against a grey sky

December 7, 2009

one leaf hangs on
brown and brittle it waves
losing pieces


2 Responses to “against a grey sky”

  1. pauline Says:

    against a white page
    your words shine like stars in dark

  2. qazse Says:

    wow! thank you! your poem is very flattering…I used to commute a half hour each way, every weekday. I drove South to North amidst the endless mountains. At times I would not listen to radio or CD’s but just leave myself open to witnessing the places I traversed. It was at such a time (in Beaumont to be exact)the concept of this poem struck me. If I were listening to radio or daydreaming at the time , I would have flown by the poem at 55 mph – not able to see or hear it.

    peace and gratitude

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