consider this:

December 25, 2009


“what is good for children
is good for mankind” –

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first posted 1/1/09

5 Responses to “consider this:”

  1. qazse Says:

    A stunning picture to my eye. This girl has been through hell. I see hope in her eyes. What do you see?

    I came across this quote when researching its originality. Apparently my muse was messing around with someone else prior to me.

  2. pauline Says:

    mankind is not always good to its children, is it… do you think it’s because there is something innately wrong with us or because we simply can’t see beyond ourselves?

  3. qazse Says:

    Innately we are capable of great and tender acts when it comes to our own children. Yet, we will slaughter the children of our enemies. Is it survival of the fittest? I sometimes think so: primal needs supersede all others.

    In this biological paradigm, the ability to “see beyond ourselves” seems a transcendent phenomenon, not unlike the golden rule.

    We need more transcendence…

    HAPPY 2010!

  4. nicole carter Says:

    God does everything for a reason because pain only can make us stronger.

  5. qazse Says:

    Nicole, Are you saying that God “does everything” (or allows it?) including sexual assault and brutal beatings? Starvation and cholera? If so, that is not my God.

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