Is Your Candidate an Armageddonist?

January 1, 2012

Belief in the The Apocalypse of John
asserts peace is unattainable
until the “second coming” of Christ.

That until there is a worldwide conflagration;
until a Christ lead theocracy emerges –
peace is  impossible.

How can an Armageddonist work for peace
without furthering

the self fulfilling

4 Responses to “Is Your Candidate an Armageddonist?”

  1. rkbaker Says:

    I wish I knew… sigh. Happy New Year!

  2. Polar Says:

    “Theocracy” What amazes me is how few people know this word…but practice it. I mention it to people then they say, “What’s that?”.

    Glad you’re still here. Give Buddy a treat from me.

    • qazse Says:

      Polar, good to hear from you!

      Buddy is 77 but doesn’t look a day over 57. I am about to take him for a walk on a clear cold Pennsylvania night. I will give him a treat when we get out there. Then we will look up at the heavens and give you a nod of the head – a tip of the hat.

      Astute observation.

      Best, Herb

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